Fire & Smoke Damper Cleaning Derby

At Clean360 we have knowledgeable and comprehensive experience in fire and smoke damper cleaning. Our services also include general maintenance. Get in touch today for a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Fire & Smoke Dampers are safety moveable closure mechanisms located in an HVAC ventilation ducting system. The apparatus has the ability to be operated both automatically or manually in the event of a fire in the system. Closing or shutting off the damper prevents any spread of fire from the starter location. Our team understands the importance of this system and how crucial it is to ensure their cleaning and maintenance.

Both fire dampers and smoke dampers are required by the Fire Safety Order Regulation of 2005 to be adequately maintained. It is your responsibility to ensure they are inspected, cleaned and tested on an annual basis.

Why Choose us for Damper Cleaning & Maintenance?

Our Fire & Smoke Damper cleaning work is performed directly in accordance with BS 9999:2017. This standard specifies that all fire dampers should be drop tested, cleaned and maintained at least once every year and we will make sure this is managed correctly. Our dedicated cleaning operatives have successfully completed industry competence training. This means they are not only fully qualified to carry out the work, but you can also trust it will be completed to the best standards.

At Clean360 we offer a range of specialist services including damper cleaning, ventilation duct cleaning and more. For further information on the right solution for you, call us on 01332 989273 for more information. We make damper maintenance simple.

All our operative has gone through industry competence training (TR19 Standard) and is fully qualified to carry out any work in relation to Fire & Smoke Damper inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. 

Please contact us on 01332 989273 for information relating to Damper maintenance or email us on

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Thanks for doing great job at our Derby Riverlights Holiday Inn. We were very much satisfy to see the before and after difference when our hotel atrium was cleaned. We will definitely use your company again.

Property Manager- Starboard Hotel