School Cleaning Derby

School Cleaning Derby

Here at Clean360 we have an extremely high reputation for thorough school cleaning across Derby and the surrounding areas. Our team currently looks after schools, colleges and universities carrying out both maintenance and deep cleans. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

In addition to standing out across Derby, our school cleaning services are sought after in BirminghamNottingham, Sheffield, Bedford and UK wide. Our prices are not only competitive, they are cost effective. We always aim to meet the tight budget constraints educational establishments have to work within. Working closely with you, Clean360 does the hard work whilst understanding your needs

School Cleaning Options

Our school cleaning services currently include the following:

  • Contract Cleaning
  • Annual Deep Cleans
  • High-Level
  • Windows
  • Kitchen Extractor & Deep cleaning
  • Washroom Facilities
  • Cover Cleaning
  • Specialist Disinfection Deep Cleaning( Clean360 BioClean)

Upon visiting your school we will discuss tailored solutions.

Daily Classroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Empty waste bins, remove & replace bags
  • Damp wipe outsides of bins
  • Damp wipe, polish tables & chairs
  • Damp wipe, polish skirting, ledges, radiators & window ledges
  • Spot clean walls
  • Clean overheads in rotation
  • Dry dust IT equipment
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum & spot mop hard floors

Hall, Gym & Refectory

  • Vacuum and wash floors
  • Machine burnish floors in rotation
  • Empty waste bins, remove & replace bags
  • Damp wipe all ledges, skirting as required

Art & Science Room Cleaning

Includes emptying & damp wiping of bins, damp wipe & polish of desks, chairs, skirtings, radiators & ledges. All carpets are vacuumed and hard floors mopped.

Daily Office Cleaning

Office cleaning includes the same level of service as art & science rooms with the addition of lamps, under filing trays and sundry desk items. Telephones are damp wiped and sanitised in rotation and we remove any coffee spills from walls. Wooden furniture and pictures are dusted & polished and we spot clean finger marks from glass partitions/doorways. Carpets and soft furnishings are vacuumed.

Daily Staff Room Cleaning

  • Dishwasher loaded, activated & unloaded
  • Damp wipe cupboard outsides
  • Clean/polish sink unit, wipe surface tops, ledges, & pipework
  • Empty and damp wipe bin outsides
  • Vacuum all carpets & upholstery
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Dust, damp wipe, polish tables, desks, wooden furniture, window ledges, pictures, fire extinguishers & radiators
  • Dust/polish wooden furniture, window ledges, fire extinguishers and radiators to normal hand height as accessible including pictures
  • Weekly refrigerator (inside)
  • Microwave inside & out

Daily Toilet & Cloakroom Cleans

  • Empty bins, vacuum, mop
  • Machine scrub floors in rotation
  • Disinfect toilet bowls
  • Clean, polish hand basins, tap fittings
  • Clean, polish toilet seats & lids
  • Mirrors
  • Damp wipe pedestal exteriors
  • Weekly damp wipe of splash backs & tiled walls beneath hand dryers
  • Damp wipe pipework and cisterns
  • Replenish toilet rolls and soap (rechargeable) from stock

Daily Entrance Hall Cleans

School stairs and corridor cleaning includes the vacuuming of hard floors, hand scrub nosing in rotation, banisters, railings & skirtings in rotation, fire extinguishers & ledges.

Entrance hall (daily)

This school cleaning service is the same as for stairs and corridors.

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Hello Kelly, We are really pleased with the deep clean. School looks so much better. Thanks for all of your help and for organising it so quickly. It was very much appreciated.

School Business Officer- Sudbury Primary School