Ventilation Duct Cleaning

Ventilation Duct Cleaning

At Clean360 we have invested in the right resources enabling us to provide ventilation duct cleaning at the next level. Using state-of-the-art equipment we meet our own policy every time which is ‘getting it right the first time’. Discuss your needs with our team today.

Ventilation duct cleaning is completed and fully compliant with the regulations and guidance of BS EN 15780:2011: Ventilation for buildings-Ductwork-Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems, BESA TR/19: Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems, HTM 03-01: Health Technical Memorandum: Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises and HSG 202: General Ventilation in the Workplace, Guidance for Employers.

Ventilation Duct Maintenance

We want you to see the results of every clean and therefore take before and after pictures. We may also video progress for you, giving a deeper insight into results. From here we will advise on duct maintenance and how often cleaning should be carried out. This is based on the unique circumstances of your establishment.

Why Choose us for Ventilation Duct Cleaning & Maintenance?

Our team are highly trained in all aspects of ventilation duct cleaning and their maintenance. We provide the right advice at the time required, ensuring you are meeting relevant obligations. Take a look at the following list of additional services provided:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Ventilation Compliance
  • Full System Cleaning
  • Fan Maintenance & Replacement
  • Access Door Installation
  • AHU Servicing and Installation 
  • AHU Filter Replacement
  • Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection, Testing & maintenance
  • Hospital Ductwork Cleaning
  • Industrial Ductwork Dust Extractor Cleaning
  • Ductwork Disinfection & Decontamination

For Ductwork cleaning information and a free quote, call us on 01332 989273 or drop us an email.

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Thanks for doing great job at our Derby Riverlights Holiday Inn. We were very much satisfy to see the before and after difference when our hotel atrium was cleaned. We will definitely use your company again.

Property Manager- Starboard Hotel