Washroom Cleaning Services

A well cleaned and maintained washroom helps reduce the spread of Germs whilst promoting a hygienic space. The daily cleaning and removal of surface dirt should form part of the integral routine cleaning programme of every washroom.

However, a periodic washroom deep clean is completely effective in tackling the deeper bacteria. This service ensures you’re keeping washroom facilities fully hygienic for yourself, visitors and staff. This option is worth considering for schools and other educational establishments where the footfall is plentiful.

Clean360 offers a bespoke washroom hygiene deep cleaning programme ensuring the environment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. All sanitary ware is cleaned using specialist chemicals, making sure all dirt and grime that harbours bacteria is fully removed.

•    Deep cleaning of Walls, Floors, and Ceiling
•    Deep cleaning of all fixture such as; lightning, Air vent, Hand dryer, Sanitary unit etc
•    Deep cleaning of urinals, sink, toilet bowl and all plumbing pipes.
•    Sanitizing of all surface area

Washroom Cleaning Services Include:

  • Deep cleaning of Walls, Floors & Ceiling
  • Deep cleaning of all fixtures including lighting, air vents, hand driers, sanitary units & more
  • Deep cleaning of urinals, sink, toilet bowl and all plumbing pipes
  • Sanitisation of all surface area

Benefits of Washroom Deep Cleaning

Used regularly throughout the day and night, washrooms are required to provide high levels of cleanliness. Important across offices, restaurants, schools, colleges and more, there are many benefits attached:

  • Removes ingrained harmful bacteria
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Prolongs the life of washroom amenities and pipework
  • Improves cosmetic appearance
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Improves hygiene levels

Please contact us on 01332 989273 for information relating any Washroom Cleaning enquiry or email us at info@clean360.uk.com

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Another great clean, we had to move dates and time to suit the changing programme but Kelly and her team remained flexible and professional.

Baytree Interiors Limited- Clive Bakewell